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There are several reasons why Georgia is fascinating to foreign investors. Over the past decade, the country has attracted more and more foreign individuals, companies, or private businesses.


Prices for real estate in Tbilisi are among the lowest of any capital city in the developed world. For anyone looking to purchase international real estate elsewhere and who has found prices outside their reach, Tbilisi is the perfect buying destination.

There are no special requirements for foreigners to buy property in Georgia. Foreigners have the same rights as Georgian citizens when they are purchasing a residential property.

There are no additional taxes while purchasing a property.

The registration process is very quick; it is done almost immediately.

All real estate sales in Georgia are made in full ownership, and you can buy in your name.

As with residential real estate, the same applies to purchasing commercial real estate such as hotels, shops, restaurants, offices, etc. There are no restrictions in Georgia.


There is only one type of real estate investment that is not open to foreign investors: agricultural land. Since May 2017, foreigners are no longer allowed to buy or own agricultural land.


Investing in Georgia is a successful decision for those seeking a stable source of income. First, taxes are unbelievably low. In addition, you can open a bank account, register a company, or change property ownership in a significantly short time. There are plenty of opportunities to be found in housing, retail, or office spaces as well.

Our team will help clients to find opportunities for investments in Georgia. We can :


  • propose investment opportunities Real Estate (residential, commercial, offices, hotels, lands)
  • Verify that the property is valid
  • Ensure that the property is n0t under mortgage
  • Checking the phases of the project if it is under construction
  • Ensuring that the installments are paid to the official owner of a property
  • Ensure that the location is appropriate for the client’s interests
  • Help on registering under client’s name in Public Registry